The Barbecue

 All Silas could think about was their intense stares. Every single pair of eyes each maintaining a personal vendetta to tear apart his ego in front of the woman he loved. He could fool sweet Serena into believing he was this amazing man, fool her into loving him was not a difficult task. Every woman wants the man with the Ivy League education, the linguist, the well-rounded traveler with stories of backpacking throughout South America. Every woman wants to be swooned by the tall, olive-complexioned man making his race difficult to decipher offhand. Silas was the mysterious gentleman Serena was excited to finally introduce to her family. But Silas couldn’t shake the inevitably of what he would soon get into; Serena’s family would read through his impressive resume and dissect each and every one of his imperfections. The expiration date on Silas’ perfect persona was tonight and Serena would no longer love the shell of a man her family’s vicious questioning would leave behind. Thoughts of this compromised his composure as he privately paced from one end of their hotel room to the next as Serena readied herself in the bathroom. He wiped his sweaty palms and forehead with his handkerchief and glanced down at his watch. Six forty-three. Continue reading “The Barbecue”