The Liberation of Black Women is the Liberation For Us All


I had to release a series of questions I had swirling around my mind for what feels like a millennia. Tonight I did some research on black feminism, or womanism, and learned the term “intersectionality.” That’s when black women have to deal with issues of racism, sexism, and classism simultaneously. This is something that is unique to us because during the civil rights movement black women were faced with sexism and with the feminist movement, led by middle-class white women, race was not even an issue. On top of that, we had unique issues that both parties did not deal with such as beauty standards, forced sterilization, legal abortion, domestic violence, and well-paid job opportunities for black domestics.

A quote that struck me in particular (via Wikipedia) went as follows: “The Combahee River Collective argued in 1974 that the liberation of black women entails freedom for all people, since it would require the end of racism, sexism, and class oppression.” The end of racism, sexism, and class oppression – brought to you by the liberation of us! My mind began to swim as I digested more information. My brain flooded with philosophical questions; questions that I’ve always had but couldn’t translate into words. But with this research on black feminism, my mind began to open up. I asked myself first, “If we achieved this – the liberation of black women – what would that mean for America? What would that nation even look like?” I wondered and continued on.

If the currently disenfranchised wound up winning American Revolution II, what would that nation look like? What would be our political system? Who would be our allies? Enemies? What would become of our education system? Our economy? How would power be distributed? What would happen to white people? How would they be treated in this new society? Would we simply switch places or force a mass exile? Maybe reinstate slavery as reparations? If so, would they create abolitionist movements & rebellions? If we actually achieved racial, sexual, & class equality, how would that effect law and social behavior? What new issues might arise in that society? How would entertainment be? How would a new American order effect the globe? How would nations that were disenfranchised by colonialism be effected? Would they be inspired to begin their own revolutions and would we help? What would be our stance on world affairs? Would this cause other European nations to fall as well? Would it create a domino effect? Is America capable of liberation without a revolution?

I asked myself these questions and realized, “This is why they’re afraid of us.” The liberation of the black woman would cause a domino effect of liberations to all of who are disenfranchised. We are more than likely the seeds for a New World Order.

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