Millenials: It is 2015 NOT 1865! Black Churches Are Being Targeted & We’re Allowing It


It’s time that we admit that this is 2015.

Everything that is happening in this country and around the world is happening in 2015. Not 1965, not 1865. It is happening right now. Yes, the same acts of terrorism (via white supremacy) that has been happening to black people, LGBT people, poor people, women, and especially those whose oppressions intersect with one another. But across oppressions, if you throw being black in the mix, then you are truly fucked.

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Lupe Fiasco Gets Real in Open Letter to White Supremacy: “You Are Regular”

Big Boy's Block Party With Lupe Fiasco And Big Sean At The Hollywood Palladium
<> at Hollywood Palladium on October 17, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Give yourself a treat and read this amazing and informative letter to White Supremacy written by Lupe Fiasco. Oh, Lupe. I haven’t been this excited about something you’ve done since The Cool. But this moment in black excellence really puts into words what people of color feel in regards to White Supremacy. It is absolutely regular. Take a look:

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Black People It’s Time for a Boycott: The Media Doesn’t Care About Us


President Barack Obama has finally spoken. Since the moment I pulled the lever down in that voting booth to confirm my vote for the first black President I have yearned for him to have a candid discussion about race relations in America. But I was constantly reminded that Obama is America’s president and not just Black America’s president. That he was a politician and not an activist. He cannot speak solely for our community on a world stage because it would not be fair to the rest of the country. The real question is: Why have we accepted that we are undeserving of having our anguish exposed in relevant spaces and to the world?  When will we realize that to remain docile is to condone terrorism?

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America Is Playing Russian Roulette With Black Lives

charleston victims

I have been carrying a lot of anger lately. My anger has been building up because there has not been any time for me to recover. These past few weeks, months, years, decades – centuries – have been spiritually exhausting and mentally taxing. But I have to give it to my people, for us to be so resilient and calm in the midst of our holocaust and attack of our characters is amazing to me. We should be ordained as saints for being such a shining example of patience and class in the face of this beastly society. For us to be hunted down and disenfranchised for generations and for us to still not have burned this country to the ground takes some serious discipline. Or maybe we are afraid of rising up because if we do America has the artillery and the gall to execute us in cold blood once and for all, something they’ve been waiting for according to the narrative I have been fed. You know what I am talking about.

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