America Is Playing Russian Roulette With Black Lives

charleston victims

I have been carrying a lot of anger lately. My anger has been building up because there has not been any time for me to recover. These past few weeks, months, years, decades – centuries – have been spiritually exhausting and mentally taxing. But I have to give it to my people, for us to be so resilient and calm in the midst of our holocaust and attack of our characters is amazing to me. We should be ordained as saints for being such a shining example of patience and class in the face of this beastly society. For us to be hunted down and disenfranchised for generations and for us to still not have burned this country to the ground takes some serious discipline. Or maybe we are afraid of rising up because if we do America has the artillery and the gall to execute us in cold blood once and for all, something they’ve been waiting for according to the narrative I have been fed. You know what I am talking about.

Whenever our community gets attacked the media immediately tells us to remain calm. As if we brought this struggle on ourselves. As if we always burn this country to the ground whenever one of us, or many, gets murdered. You know that narrative? On top of that, the right wing has this obsession with the second amendment – who do you think they want “protection” from? I sit here and think, “We have always been calm, but still you kill and disenfranchise us.” I walked around Brooklyn yesterday and saw the tattered apartment buildings and brownstones my people call homes. They sat on their porches and talked amongst themselves, calmly in their disenfranchisement. What’s worse was I walked up a few more blocks in the Bed-Stuy – excuse me –Stuyvesant Heights area only to see the effects of gentrification creeping into their neighborhood. So here my people are, calmly accepting their disenfranchisement like America taught us, only for the threat of gentrification to come and take what little they have left. But that’s just change right? That’s just how capitalism works! If only they’d kept their neighborhoods clean and didn’t commit crime then white people wouldn’t have noticed these lucrative real estate opportunities.

We are taught to remain calm and we do it so well. Because honestly, we just want to live. But when the quality of black life is reduced (across the classes because they still call Obama a nigger and no, he did not receive white president privileges) and we are killed for the most pointless reasons and we voice our distresses to the masses only for them to viciously mock and ignore us, we are left to swallow our pain and walk with generations-old anger. People of color, how many of you have family stories – or personal atrocities – that have been told from generation to generation so that we remember how far we’ve come? How many of you have dealt with this on your own? How many of you know someone that went through some form of a racist scenario? And still we remain calm on top of our history of dealing with racism, which actually many people of color are not even aware of because they relied on their Eurocentric American education. That’s fine, but so many injustices has been criminally omitted like when they used to kidnap black babies for alligator bait. And don’t even get me started on the black contributions to several civilizations throughout time that has also been omitted from American textbooks.

The Black Death, my name for the current black holocaust, has been happening and it continues today. It is so common that I had to snap out of my jaded state of being accustomed to blacks being killed by whites after the Trayvon Martin verdict. How many of us just knew Zimmerman was going to get off scot-free? Is it right that we already knew that? How long should we stay calm?

I really have been thinking about this. Every week it is someone else dying or being traumatized. Think about this: the next victim is currently alive right now going about their life thinking it will never be them because they have goals and dreams and loved ones who need them. Just like you and me. They are totally unaware that they only have a week left to live before they are brutally murdered by a cop or terrorist. I should just say terrorist. Because these cops killing and attacking black folks for little to no reason is in fact terrorism. How long will we be this shining example of patience? At what point does it become cowardice? I understand the fear because America is an extremely ruthless, unreasonable, and paranoid country but there is simply no explaining our perspective to them. Look at all the articles and then read the comments sections. Articles that shed light on our very real struggles in America and look at what the majority of white people and complacent blacks have to say about it. Pay attention to what your “friends” say about it. Look at how the media depicts us in our state of pain, as thugs and liars. Look at the masses that wholeheartedly believe them. Look at how long we have been trying to explain it to them and how articulate we have been the entire time.

After the massacre of Charleston, it is time to draw a line in the sand and call a spade a spade. The time for explaining our dire situation is done. It is over. Anybody in denial of, or needs proof that white supremacy exists is in fact on the side of white supremacy whether they know it or not. The situation has become black and white: You are either a white supremacist or you aren’t. If they truly cared then they would take the time to educate themselves on their own instead of trivializing their black friends’ feelings by actually challenging us to prove anything. Even when a white man says he went into a black church, asked for a leader in the black community, stated that “we have to go” because we’re taking their country, while donning apartheid flags on his jacket in his Facebook profile pic, and told the police he did it to begin a race war, he is still offered the benefit of the doubt. For those who give it to him, they are for white supremacy and could absolutely care less about the state of Black Americans. The real question is, how much more proof do WE need? How much longer are we going to calmly explain our plight to white supremacists? The time is now to call a spade a spade and organize because they are playing Russian roulette with our lives. I have a significantly higher chance of being gunned down by a white supremacist terrorist then winning the lotto. For all I know, me or somebody who I love is next. Because the next victim that will cause a national outcry and mourning is still alive and we did nothing to protect them.

Ar. Natsai

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8 thoughts on “America Is Playing Russian Roulette With Black Lives

  1. I beg to differ. How is it that black lives only matter when taken by a white? Chicago has the toughest gun control laws in America, yet blacks kill blacks at an astounding rate. The devastation there doesn’t matter? I guess it doesn’t fit your agenda…..
    I’m white, if you couldn’t tell. The Charleston massacre bread my heart but the President making it political instead of healing was sad.


      1. Natsai, when you attack his person instead of properly addressing his concern, you lose credibility. As a writer, you should know better


      2. That was me not giving a supremacist the time of day. I’m not here to recruit those who don’t get it. I’m rallying the ones who do. This ain’t for everybody


  2. This is the type of mentality that ruins relationships and perpetuates stereotypes. We will never be united with this kind of thinking. Not the article itself, but with your attitude to this person. Good luck burning bridges


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