SC Votes to Take the Confederate Flag Down, But Will They Drop Bree Newsome’s Charges?


South Carolina lawmakers have finally voted to remove the confederate flag from their capital. This is great news, but I can’t help but feel underwhelmed because it is just common sense to me. To be honest, I am trying to understand why the confederate flag hasn’t been banned nationally altogether. This is not a states’ issue; it is an issue that permeates across this nation. Why hasn’t a treacherous battle flag that evokes trauma for black people been banned ages ago? I guess that’s a dumb question with a simple answer: because racism. It is an American tradition. The fact that we have to even discuss what this flag represents disgusts me and I do not have time for it. If people refuse to even get past the simple truth that the confederate flag represents concentrated white supremacy, then how are we going to discuss the foundational errors of this country? How will we reach that point reasonably? But kudos, to South Carolina for taking the flag down – but only to an extent. That damned flag would have waved on with no remorse had Bree Newsome not taken matters into her own hands. And that brings me to another point…

Now that the state has voted to take the confederate flag down, will they drop the charges against Her Fabulosity Miss Newsome?

After her historic decision to scale the flag pole and take down that symbol of hatred, Bree was charged with “defacing monuments on state Capitol grounds” which is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 and worse, “a prison term of up to three years or both,” USA Today reports. It would make absolutely no sense to vote to take this flag down from state house grounds only to still punish Ms. Newsome for her actions that inspired this decision. I’m going to stay tuned, but I can only hope that these lawmakers have a stitch of intelligence to drop these bogus charges.

I want to take this time to salute Bree Newsome. Because to her it was more than simply taking down an “offensive” symbol. She did it to right this country’s wrongs and shed light on the fact that country embraces racist ideals and confuses it with tradition. I applaud her for using the confederate flag to open up a looooong overdue discourse on white supremacy, denial, and fragility. This debate on the confederate truly barely scratches the surface on what the issues are in America. But what I can’t stand is that a lot of white people refuse to acknowledge their own racist beliefs and traditions and how that led to Dylan Roof massacring nine innocent souls in a house of worship.

Take a look at some of Bree Newsome’s tweets on the matter:

I absolutely COSIGN. Go queen!

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