Fidel Castro’s Legacy Is A Reminder of What Seems Lost on Today’s Liberal

In the wake of a Trump presidency, Castro’s death came right on time.

Fidel Castro meets Malcolm X in Harlem 1960. (Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images)

I am reminded of what the true cost of freedom is. The pictures of Fidel Castro meeting with prominent black revolutionary leaders like Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba that went viral as we mourned reminded me of the sense of urgency felt during revolutions-past. We truly need to adopt this same sense of urgency and determination to create a better tomorrow. This is what is lost on today’s reformist liberal.

I came to this conclusion delicately. I would have preferred, like so many liberals, a peaceful option. But the dangerous  direction America is heading only shows me that we cannot reason with people without a conscience. Eventually resistance will be inevitable as is historically the case. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this place just constantly shows its unwillingness to progress in the interests of its people. All that matters here is the bottom dollar.

Yet too many liberals just aren’t willing to do the work necessary to become an authority and that feeds into their unmitigated hatred of Castro who was a man who did manipulate, who did kill, who did torture, who did takeover…yes his wrongdoing is documented. But guys. Are we about to act like this isn’t how nations have been getting founded?  In contrast, this detail usually gets downplayed in the case of the mass-pillaging and genocides of Native Americans, Africans, and global indigenous peoples. So why is this visceral reaction from the West uniquely attributed to Fidel Castro? Because westerners believe in “doin’ what you gotta do”to rationalize the fact that their privileged reality is because of the suffering of our ancestors before us. Reality for them, is that America is the world’s moral police serving freedom and democracy to savage nations on a silver platter and whoever opposes us are inherently evil boogeymen. Hell, I used to believe this myself!

But there’s levels to this shit. If you can rationalize and come to terms with the far greater atrocities committed by Europe and the United States of America, then I have to call into question your scathing reaction to Castro. Those superpowers did manipulate, torture, kill, and takeover lands merely for the desire to gain more stuff – more resources, a larger empire, more wealth. At least we hold Castro accountable for his wrongdoing. Yet we regurgitate a biased & oft-tampered with history taught to us to digest and honor not dictators, but kings and presidents who did worse than him and for their own personal agendas.

In Fidel Castro’s case, he was the cause of the effect of American and European imperialism. Castro was a reactive product of this globally ruthless environment and did what he knew was necessary for the greater good of getting Cuban people free from the oppression caused by the marriage of foreign white supremacy and capitalism. Is that radical? It feels like it, but why is that also attributed to evil? To be radical is to advocate for complete political and social reform. Just like Malcolm said. Just like Martin was realizing. If that is the cost of being free from this racist system, then so be it. Because I am so weary of this reality. And even so, I can’t find solace in believing that doing nothing for my own self-preservation is the best course of action because then I have to ask…

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