Fidel Castro’s Legacy Is A Reminder of What Seems Lost on Today’s Liberal

What dangers do Donald Trump’s impending administration have in store that will effect me?

I’m beginning to favor political and social reform for the greater wellbeing of taxpaying citizens. Under this upcoming Trump presidency, unless you’re a wealthy, straight, white man the rest of us are sincerely at stake. There has already been an incredible spike in hate crimes and its only been a few weeks since the election. Only cowardly fools vote for demagogues and find solace in terrorizing the powerless. What happens when a country’s people collectively grow more fearful all while knowing that their government is the reason for their unrest? When the self-respecting but still victimized powerless finally get fed up? Revolutions. Always.

Adding to the fact that America stopped being a democracy a long time ago (if it ever was since still not everybody can vote) and that right-wing extremists are gaining real power over us all, I know that resistance will start to become considered more seriously. Left-wing reformists have presented great ideas for the betterment of this nation that ends up being flat-out rejected by Republicans while Democrats subscribe to deflecting establishment-political tactics (presenting platforms for discussion to send a message of progress, taking things one-step at a time & insisting on patience from their impacted constituents, remaining moderate, bending to Republicans and special interest groups, covertly canning progressive reform due to a lack of financial, political, etc. gain) and never end up with their original plans intact. While liberals continue to wait ever so patiently and hope for the best, the great threat of the resurgence of dangerous, oppressive and racist law continues to rise and rebrand itself as the new normal.

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