Fidel Castro’s Legacy Is A Reminder of What Seems Lost on Today’s Liberal

The “alt-right” is a rebranding of white supremacy and white nationalism.

KKK members in Nevada supporting Trump in 2016. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hendricks)

We can talk, tweet, march, and petition all day long to put our liberal minds at rest and ease back into the color-blind freedom-for-all Utopian fantasy we retreat to whenever this country shows us its fangs. But hear this: conservative extremism is taking over U.S. politics and media with no sign of slowing down. Just take a look at Trump’s picks for his administration so far or how about we discuss whether or not Jews are real people?

While we’re sharing funny political memes as coping mechanisms, our government and its states fund police forces that murder primarily Black citizens without consequence due to irrational suspicions borne from racism. This is the very racism that has been America’s foundational cancer that finally metastasized into a Trump presidency. Yet instead of an amputation, Democrats – who we elected to fight tooth-and-nail for progress – choose to cower behind false hope to “see what happens” and to “work together.” That is not what it means to being the bigger person; that is a clear surrender and it is heartbreaking.

It is heartbreaking because I do not believe this couldn’t have been avoided. I know so because we live in a country where a terrorist organization like the Ku Klux Klan can be revived not once or twice, but three times without any surveillance, infiltration, or disruption from the FBI as opposed to their treatment of other leftist movements.

Let an unqualified but charismatic black celebrity like Diddy or Kanye West run for president under the platform of Black Nationalism, pan-Africanism, and womanism. Let that black celebrity get endorsed by a newly revived Black Panther Party and get a couple shout-outs from Raul Castro. And tell me if this government wouldn’t have suddenly found that “no hate” clause somewhere in an Oval office cabinet drawer to disqualify him from the race. This has all been very telling. 

It tells us with peak blatancy what the American government stands for and what it is willing to protect. We’ve seen men, women, and children have their lives taken away (sometimes literally watching online) without any kind of police reform to check this, even under the beloved Obama administration. But let four cops be shot in four different cities and the media gives it all the attention, just as a petty reaction to Black people growing more vocal of the fact that innocent civilians are being targeted and killed by armed civil servants on a large scale.

And police brutality is only one problem. We have to urgently eradicate mass incarceration, the lack of access to proper education and resources in low-income neighborhoods created purposely from the practice of redlining, mediocre education compared to the global standard, lack of access to proper healthcare for low-income people (and poor overall for a superpower), food deserts in low-income neighborhoods, no gun control, poor food quality overall, a high mortality rate for a first world nation, a dwindling middle class, oil fracking and #NoDapl, the Flint water crisis – I mean the list goes on! We have a very long way to go… and we need to speed up this process if we intend to remain sustainable.

Today’s reformist liberal needs to reckon with the reality of the sinking direction of contemporary America and the right-wing spectrum this country has been leaning towards. Listen. We will not become the first civilization in human history to achieve influence and power just from marching, safety-pinning, and petitioning. You really thought it was going to be that easy? Organizing and raising awareness on issues has always just been the first step. Our most revered historical figures have already brilliantly stated our cases throughout the twentieth century and prior. Fast forward to 2016 and we have still ended up with President-elect Donald Trump. America knows better – it just doesn’t care.

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