Fidel Castro’s Legacy Is A Reminder of What Seems Lost on Today’s Liberal

Fidel Castro’s legacy should be a reminder to those of us with sound mind and self-respect that the time is coming for liberals to have to fight back in a real way.

Footage of a young Fidel Castro cheering on the CBS News Event “Rebels of the Sierra Maestra” in 1957. (CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

The hearts of those in power and with access to privilege will not thaw upon learning about the brutal treatment of nonviolent protestors who get beaten and jailed. They have not thawed at the photos of free-loving hippies sticking flowers down the barrels of rifles. They have not thawed when seeing milk-drenched Native Americans trying to neutralize the burning pain of pepper spray. Their hearts have not thawed upon viewing Emmett Till’s casket nor have they thawed upon hearing about the bombing of that church in Birmingham that killed those four little girls. They did not soften when we all wore hoodies. They have not thawed. They will not soften. For the sake of the work of freedom fighters who came before us, a sense of urgency must grow and spread like wildfire among today’s liberals.

I do believe in the “freedom-for-all Utopia” us liberals have to imagine, I just do not believe it will ever be attained if we keep on submitting to sweet fantasies provided by this steadily corrupt system. If we desire real change – aworldwhereIcouldjustbefreetobeblackandandwomanandliveandsucceedstrictlybasedonmyownmeritswithnoclassistracistorsexistobstaclestrategicallyputinmywaytoplacateanirrationalparanoiausedtopreventusfromcomingtogripswithourdestructiveaddictiontogreed – it will only happen if us liberals accept the bitter truth that the cost of freedom is not flowery and pretty; it’s ugly and things get bloody. If we’re at a point where we can actually consider sitting through a Trump presidency, then what the hell will it take for us to take a stand?

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