Fidel Castro’s Legacy Is A Reminder of What Seems Lost on Today’s Liberal

The election of Donald Trump proved that those with power and (unrecognized) privilege would never allow for the creation of a new fair socioeconomic system to replace this presently corrupt one.

Some form of a revolution is necessary for the urgent changes we need to one day become reality. Because this isn’t a game. We are facing a real threat to our civil liberty and the basic freedoms that our fore-fighters died for us to have. No matter where you stand on the politics of Fidel Castro, it is undeniable that his revolutionary legacy and determination to conquer the great western threat is the emboldening reminder many of us need so we can arm ourselves with the knowledge that white supremacy is not invincible. Liberals today must stray away from the distraction of reformism to see what is blinking red right in their faces.  We have to prepare to fight like hell for the greater good.


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