First Sunday Quarantine: A Time to Reflect

After Trump’s election four years ago, I sat in front of this very mirror at home in Long Island to capture that moment of reflection I was experiencing.

An alarm sounded off in me to get my shit together because a storm was coming. At the time I felt so incomplete. I was 26, but still stagnating in adolescence. But things changed rapidly after taking that photo and stating my aspirations to the Universe.

I began and reworked my senior thesis into a TV pilot that got me attention from ppl who helped opened doors. But as that happened, I lost my job in NY which catapulted my decision to move to LA. And the rest is history. I suffered the ups and downs of this volatile industry but ended up with some amazing credits under my belt within just three years and shy of 30. I got to cross paths with some bright, inspiring and complex souls along the way. I live the life I yearned for when I took that picture four years ago.

And now it’s all come to a standstill.

I came back to this very spot and took this photo again, but with more awareness and acceptance of who I truly am. Not who I wish I was. Not who I think people want me to be. But with a better understanding who I truly am and the power that I possess.

By the end of last year, I learned that the only element that I can control is myself. I really don’t know what the news will bring us next, but all I can do is look in the mirror and be thankful of the woman I’ve become and what I pulled off thus far. On this quarantine Sunday, I’m thankful that I’m being kinder to her, so that I may be kinder to others.

I’m thankful for this isolation so that I can tap back into my inherent needs and not what society told me was important, as I watch what was a necessity two weeks ago dissipate before my eyes.

The growth process has been painful for me. But, I’m glad I’ve gotten to this point so that I may be strong enough to weather this novel storm.

Amen, and I pray today that you all remain strong and safe. 🙏🏽 #GiveThanks

– Carefree Maroon

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