#CallEmOut: dream hampton Gets Dragged


Man. What I’ve witnessed on Twitter these past two days have been juicy at best, but disappointing at worst. I love everything about the #BlackLivesMatter movement because I’ve longed for a movement like this for some time. It felt like we sat idly while injustice took root in this country’s psyche and I found it infuriating. But like so many people, I thought that little ole me couldn’t do shit about it. But here comes the birth of this movement simply called Black Lives Matter, made up of several activists (regular people) tired of the mistreatment of black Americans. The most visible workers in the movement to me are Deray Mckesson and Johnetta “Netta” Elzie, along with the help of a myriad of activists on the ground. Following these two on Twitter and seeing them actually do the work and really risk their lives is nothing short of inspiring. For the first time, I feel like we can be free because of people like Brittany Packyetti, Brittany Ferrell, Patrice Cullors – anybody committed to black liberation. But this is not a perfect struggle, hence: struggle.

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I’m Sorry It Had to Be You My Black King: Dr. Huxtable Has Been Proven Guilty


Bill Cosby has been caught red-handed. Thank God we got the verifiable proof that we needed because thirty victims just wasn’t enough information. We live in a world where women are conniving and obsessed with being pitied. We can’t help but conjure up lies of assault  due to our varied insecurities and our obsession with attention. Another thing both black and white women especially cannot stand is the idea of a rich and powerful brother in his winter years with a scot-free track record. That doesn’t make sense to us. White people were itching for vengeance after he attempted to purchase NBC back in the 90s and enlisted us to do their dirty work. Or so we thought, because that theory made way more sense than Cliff Huxtable actually being a rapist.

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Millenials: It is 2015 NOT 1865! Black Churches Are Being Targeted & We’re Allowing It


It’s time that we admit that this is 2015.

Everything that is happening in this country and around the world is happening in 2015. Not 1965, not 1865. It is happening right now. Yes, the same acts of terrorism (via white supremacy) that has been happening to black people, LGBT people, poor people, women, and especially those whose oppressions intersect with one another. But across oppressions, if you throw being black in the mix, then you are truly fucked.

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The Liberation of Black Women is the Liberation For Us All


I had to release a series of questions I had swirling around my mind for what feels like a millennia. Tonight I did some research on black feminism, or womanism, and learned the term “intersectionality.” That’s when black women have to deal with issues of racism, sexism, and classism simultaneously. This is something that is unique to us because during the civil rights movement black women were faced with sexism and with the feminist movement, led by middle-class white women, race was not even an issue. On top of that, we had unique issues that both parties did not deal with such as beauty standards, forced sterilization, legal abortion, domestic violence, and well-paid job opportunities for black domestics. Continue reading “The Liberation of Black Women is the Liberation For Us All”