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I conceived Carefree Maroon due to my prolonged frustration stemming from the lack of opportunity for me to voice issues specific to my perspective. So, in black fashion – I built my own table instead of begging to sit at somebody else’s.

I experienced a deep sense of urgency to promote a safe space that would highlight the evolution of contemporary black artistry and activism borne from a resistance to the threat of a new wave of American bigotry.

I also created this site to particularly foster and focus on my own artistic endeavors and personal journeys. We are on the brink of one of the most relevant periods in this country’s history. I believe that black women and peoples in America (and the  globe) are experiencing a heightened urgency to utilize our varied skill-sets to fight against oppression across the board harder than we have in generations.

‘Carefree Maroon’ is an homage to the African maroons of Jamaica who escaped from Spanish and then British-enforced chattel slavery & established free communities in the mountainous interior of the island during the 17th & 18th centuries.

I like where there heads were at.