Have You Ever Got Thru A Storm & Went APESHIT?

I’m not even gunna bullshit y’all. I’ve been dealing with depression for the past two months and I’ve recently been coming out of it. 

I had an epiphany this past week during my visit back home to New York.  I always knew that although I’m eloquent and can hold interesting conversations, I can’t seem to express my emotions. Especially not in my time of need or darkest hour. Instead I just disappear. I put on a face, I post funny shit online and that’s that. Everything is fine.

But I’ve had to face a series of uncomfortable truths about myself in these past weeks. I had to battle the pressure of my need to be perfect. Like it’s literally the definition of my name. Natsai means “towards perfection” I shit you not.

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Black People It’s Time for a Boycott: The Media Doesn’t Care About Us


President Barack Obama has finally spoken. Since the moment I pulled the lever down in that voting booth to confirm my vote for the first black President I have yearned for him to have a candid discussion about race relations in America. But I was constantly reminded that Obama is America’s president and not just Black America’s president. That he was a politician and not an activist. He cannot speak solely for our community on a world stage because it would not be fair to the rest of the country. The real question is: Why have we accepted that we are undeserving of having our anguish exposed in relevant spaces and to the world?  When will we realize that to remain docile is to condone terrorism?

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WTF Is A #WhiteGirlsRock? 6 Reasons White Women Need to STFU And Let Us Have This


No seriously.

I remember seeing that bullshit last year and being just as disgusted as I am at this moment. I am truly disheartened that people have the audacity to bring it up again this year. Will this be an issue annually? Black women have extremely limited platforms to shine and we lack programs catered to us. For Black Girls Rock to get the kind of publicity it receives is an unparalleled accomplishment. But instead of some our white counterparts being a) happy for us and supportive or b) quiet, they turn the attention on them yet again. What else can you white women ask for? What else could you possibly want? Black women need to support each other because we live in a society that completely shuts us out. These are six reasons why black girls need institutions like Black Girls Rock and what these #WhiteGirlsRock supporters need to remember as fact:

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